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Hi! I'm James Gough – a guy who loves great creative work and working with great creative people.

I was most recently Creative Director at Silicon Labs in Austin, TX,  where I managed an in-house creative team of designers, videographers, editors, UX design and animators. Before that, I founded and managed Overactive Creative LLC, a creative consulting, strategy and production company,  was Global Creative Director at Columbia Sportswear, Executive Creative Director at Performance Health and I worked at McCann Erickson NY, JWT Detroit, and Marcus Thomas CLE, leading creative teams and projects. Want to know more?  Scroll down to check out some of my recent creative work, campaigns and random stuff.

About me

I've been able to work at some great agencies like McCann-Erickson NY, JWT Detroit, Marcus Thomas in Cleveland, and Cadence Preferred in Seattle. I've also had the privilege to lead in-house creative teams at  Performance Health, Columbia Sportswear and Silicon Labs.


These opportunities have allowed me to work with brands like Microsoft,  L'oreal, Xbox, Black & Decker, Gillette, Sprint, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Ford, GE Lighting, Swagelok, Black Flag, Nestle, Biofreeze, Cramer, Columbia Sportswear, Silabs and more.


I've won several international, national and regional awards, formed three in-house agencies,  and started an LLC, but my passion is helping find great creative solutions–whether it's by leading  a team of 50 or just 5.

I also write YA novels, build furniture, and freelance as a designer, editor, writer and motion graphics animator, because I love to roll up my  sleeves and dig into all aspects of the creative process. I've  always felt the best creative leaders should "do" as well as direct. And there is no better way for a coach to hone their skills than to be a player on the field.

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